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Aerial photograph of Stratford Box

Students making their way to the first meeting point. Deep trench excavator in the background.

Students being briefed about the construction.

Excavating deep trenches for the reinforced concrete walls of the Box.

Excavating pit for Bentonite slurry.

Bentonite slurry pit.

One of the excavator buckets.

Down inside Stratford Box. The steel tubes are horizontal struts to keep the side walls from caving in until permanent reinforced concrete struts are constructed.

Students facing the entrances to the tunnel headings for the tunnel drives to St Pancras Station. Each tunnelling machine will set off from the two side openings.

Looking up at the permanent reinforced concrete bracing.

The wonderful PR person who made sure our visit went without a hitch.

Steel reinforcement for the construction of the Box.

Looking down into one end of the Box.

Looking across to the other side of the Box.

Looking along the top of one end of the Box.

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