Vertical curves


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Vertical curves are used to connect a rising gradient with a falling gradient or a falling gradient to a rising gradient.

They are used in Road and Railway construction to smooth the transition from one gradient to another.

This spreadsheet calculates the design levels for setting-out vertical road curves, using Department of Transport specifications.

Max speed                = 120 kph Intersection  height = 145.68 mAOD
Interval of through chainage  = 30 Intersection Chge  = 5305 m
First grade m


second grade n 6
grade angle  A   =


K value  =


Length of vertical curve         = 370 m
Length of each tangent          = 185 m
Chainage at  P     = 5120 m Reduced level at P = 153.08 mAOD
Chainage at  R     = 5490 m Reduced level at R = 156.78 mAOD
Number of sections to start point P 170.666667
next chainage point in curve 5130 m
First value for   y 10 m
Lowest/highest point on curve will be at y =


Lowest/highest point on curve will be at chainage 5268 m
Reduced level of lowest/highest point  = 150.12 mAOD


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